Clean. Conscious. Carefully Crafted.

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Clean is more than a simple buzzword. We’re radically transparent about our ingredients and processes, so you can feel confident in your choices.

• All our products are safe and made with natural / naturally-derived ingredients.

• We NEVER use toxic, harmful, or questionable chemicals.

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To be conscious is to be aware, to care, and to act. We strive to understand the issues our world is facing, take responsibility for our role, and make choices that allow our company (and you) to make a positive impact...together.

A portion of our profits are dedicated to planting saplings and nurturing them to ensure their long-term survival.

We remove 10X the amount of plastic we use from the environment. We make sure it’s recycled and given a new life, reducing global demand for virgin plastic.

We ethically source our ingredients from farms that use natural methods. We promote livelihood of the communities that work the land, exalting the value of sustainable agriculture.

We’re not perfect. But we’re striving to do better each and every day.

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“Carefully Crafted”

We know that traditional Ayurvedic wisdom has a lot to teach us. We celebrate the ingredients, techniques, and formulas our ancestors spent 5,000 years developing and perfecting.

Our products are formulated by Ayurvedic Gurus and Cosmetic Chemists.

We focus on nourishing ingredients from nature: roots, leaves, barks, fruits, and seeds.

We use potent botanical actives derived using cutting-edge extraction methods like supercritical CO2 and plant stem-cells.

By carefully crafting each product, we deliver authentic Ayurvedic blends that simply perform.

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At its core, Ayurveda is about finding balance and harmony, naturally.
But all the unfamiliar words and concepts can be overwhelming. That’s why we strive to make it simple and accessible for everyone.

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From Our Founders

“Life & Pursuits is the outcome of my inner quest for purpose and meaning in life. I had a successful career with several top multinational companies, but I felt that something was amiss. It wasn’t my true calling.

As this inner journey unfolded, I delved deep into philosophical & spiritual discourse, as well as modern research and scientific evidence about happiness, human behavior, and psychology. I found that an increasing body of modern scientific research reconciles very well with ancient spiritual wisdom and philosophy about life.

Growing up in India, I was surrounded by Ayurveda, or “the science of life.” As I continued on my journey, I found that modern science also seemed to confirm what Ayurvedic practitioners had known for millennia - that nature is full of powerful ingredients to promote human wellness.

I felt that I was finally on the right path. I quit my conventional corporate career and founded Life & Pursuits, a purpose-driven Ayurvedic beauty & wellness company. Through the brand, we aspire be a force for universal good, contributing to the health, happiness, and harmony of people and planet.”