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5 Reasons Why Facial Oils are Dry Skin’s Superfood

Facial oils may be the latest hype in the skincare market, but they have been around for centuries. Packed with active ingredients that help restore your skin’s natural moisture, facial oils are often a go-to resort for dry skins. They are also useful for oily skin. 

What's more, facial oils are packed with nutrients folded into a lipophilic (fat-soluble) base that seeps into the deepest layers of your skin, giving you that dewy, sunkissed glow. 

Even if your skin isn’t dry, facial oils have several benefits: They are hydrating, provide cooling for irritated skin, and act as a fantastic base for makeup due to their ability to seal pores. Here are 5 incredible benefits of facial oils that we bet you hadn’t thought of! But before that, here’s some more about facial oil: 

What are Facial Oils?

Face Oil

As the name suggests, facial oils are oil-based formulae to help nourish your facial skin.  Although, these oils may be used to soften cuticles as well! 

Unlike other oil forms, they are light, non-greasy, and hydrating. Imagine your skin is a brick wall. The cells are the bricks, and naturally occurring oil is the mortar. 

Due to daily wear and tear, the mortar can come off. The facial oils come in as a remedial agent to fill the gaps that one’s body cannot fill. 

In an interview with Vogue, L.A.-based dermatologist Christine Choi Kim says, “The main benefit of a face oil is its ability to form an occlusive barrier over the skin, allowing active ingredients to penetrate through the skin’s epidermis and reducing transepidermal water loss.”  

In short, they are super hydrating and allow the benefits of all your skincare products to seep into the deepest layers of your skin. Kim also says that facial oils can have beneficial effects on other parts of your body, such as hair, eyebrows, and even smoothen nail cuticles! 

Facial Oils Benefits that Make them Dry Skin’s Superfood

Still not convinced? Here are some of the benefits of using facial oils:

1.  Prevents wrinkles

Wrinkles occur when the skin starts to lose its natural moisture. As a result, its elasticity and tautness deteriorate, and folds are formed. So now, here’s the deal: Ageing is a natural part of life, and trying to prevent it is impossible. 

However, what facial oils do is delay this process. Facial oils are super hydrating for the skin and maintain the requisite moisture balance. A great facial oil to use for this purpose is Life & Pursuit’s Bakuchi Face Oil. Infused with the goodness of pomegranate and apricot, it is the perfect solution for wrinkle-free skin.

2.  Good for dry skin

Due to the pandemic, many of us have had to wash our faces more often than usual. Unfortunately, this constant exposure to soap and chemicals in facewash can deplete the skin of its natural oils. 

As a result, your skin may be feeling dry and itchy more often. The weather can also have a similar effect on one’s skin, usually during winter. 

Well, fear not because your one-stop solution to this problem is facial oil. Their hydrating qualities are not only good for delaying wrinkles, but they are also a great way to prevent dryness. 

Incorporate facial oil into your skincare routine, and your skin will become rich and supple.

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3.  Fortifying and strengthening skin

Facial oils are lipophilic. This means they have a rare ability to dissolve in fats and lipids. So, when applied to the face, they can penetrate the deeper layers of the epithelial tissue. 

As a result, they fortify and strengthen the skin from within. This is especially useful for people living in cities. One is constantly exposed to external stressors like pollution and harsh sunlight in cities. This can cause the skin to develop sunspots and darkened patches. 

Facial oils rich in antioxidants are your best bet to reverse this type of damage. Life & Pursuit’s Saffron Face Oil is a great option to protect your skin against the city’s air. 

Not only does it nourish the skin, but it is also enriched with turmeric extract and saffron. In addition, vitamin C brightens the skin from within, giving you a radiant glow.    

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4.  Excellent primer

If the benefits aren’t enough, here is another one: Facials oils have this unique quality of being lightweight and non-greasy. So they don’t clog pores. Instead, they form a non-greasy layer that acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup when applied to the face. 

The hydrating quality of (some, not all) facial oils instantly gives your face a fresh and dewy quality. It also gives you an even canvas to apply your makeup.

5.  Prevents acne

We bet you didn’t expect this one. Contrary to popular belief, some facial oils can reduce the risk of developing acne. However, this should be used in moderation. Moreover, make sure you use good quality, certified non-comedogenic products. 

Also, choosing the right oil is critical to its benefits; for instance, tea tree, rosehip, hibiscus, etc., are some oils known to prevent acne when applied optimally and correctly. On the other hand, you may never apply coconut oil to acne-prone skin! 

While facial oils nowadays are made with special non-greasy formulas, it is generally good to use in moderation. Don’t give up on your products too easily as a rule of thumb. Use it in moderation for a more extended period to truly reap the benefits.

At Life & Pursuits, we firmly believe in empowering our consumers to make the choice that’s right for them. We pride ourselves on the fact that our products are 100% organic. We never use synthetic additives. So, rest assured that whatever you apply to your skin from us is an all-natural product. Now, if you are convinced about the need to add facial oils to your beauty regimen, head over to our website to see which one works best for you.

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