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Warming Body Oil for Massage: Four Proper ways

Enlighten yourself with the benefits of heating / warming body oil for massage and the proper ways to warm body oil in this article.

A nice massage is the best way to relax, de-stress, and unwind. A body massage has many benefits, and warm body oil can unlock more potential benefits for your body during the massage.

Let's find out how warming body oil before the massage will be beneficial and the four right ways to warm it.

Benefits of a Warm Oil Massage

The best way to improve your well-being and health is to take charge of your body. There is no better way to loosen up yourself than a warm body massage.

Massage is the process of pressing, rubbing, and giving the right pressure over muscles, tendons, and ligaments. There are different types of massages that help you feel relaxed and energized. They also help in overcoming muscle damage caused by injuries.

One person, such as a professional masseur or partner, usually does the massage. One can even try Abhyanga or self-massage. It is an important Ayurvedic practice that calms the body and mind, and also helps in steadying the mind and nervous system.

The core of self-massage is the use of warm body oil. Let us understand how a warm body oil massage will benefit your body.

Effects of Warm Body Oil Massage on Mind and Body

Massage is a self-care ritual to heal the mind and body, and it strengthens muscles and joints. The rhythmic movement of fingers and palms on the body helps reduce daily stress. Let us take a more detailed look at the benefits of warm oil massage.<

#1. Improves Skin Health

The warm body oil can penetrate the skin better. Warm oil reduces skin dryness by creating a barrier in the skin, preventing moisture loss from the epidermis. Some oils also contain essential fatty acids like linoleic acid, which makes the skin supple and smooth.

#2. Relaxation of Muscles

The daily stress, injury, and overuse tend to tighten the muscles leading to inflammation, pain, and discomfort. The warm body oil massage helps stretch the muscles and release tension, and the systemic muscle massage helps loosen the joints and ligaments.

#3. Draining of the Lymphatic Nodes

The lymph nodes are present in the neck, armpits, and groin. The lymphatic system is important as it helps properly function the immune system. The warm body oil massage helps flush blood through the muscle and tissues. It also helps drain the lymph nodes of the dead cells, waste products, and pathogens, if any.

Four Ways to Warm Body Oil for Massage

Warming body oil is an easy and basic task. Yet, it is important to make it reach the right temperature so that it is hot enough for the skin and does not scald it. So, how does one warm the body oil to the right temperature?

#1. Rub it in your hands

The best way to warm body oil is by pouring it into your palm and rubbing your palms together for 15 to 20 seconds. This is best if you are trying to massage a particular body area. For a full body massage, you could try other warming methods.

#2. Hot water

You can boil water in a kettle or vessel. Pour the water into a wide-mouth bowl or container. Submerge the oil bottle in a glass bottle or bowl over the hot water. Let it stay for  5 to 10 minutes. This will help the oil get warm and stay warm as you continue to massage.

#3. Placing it over a candle

Add massage oil to a bowl and place it over a candle or tea light for around 10 minutes. This will allow it to reach the perfect temperature for a relaxing massage.

#4. Massage oil warmer

Investing in an oil warmer is a good idea if you are into regular oil massage. These oil warmers have automatic temperature control to warm the oil.


This is how warming body oil for massage will benefit your body. You can use almond, sesame, avocado, olive, and jojoba oil for a great body massage. You should use small circular motions on the body and focus more on knotty areas. Knead the abdomen with large, circular, counterclockwise motions. These simple tips will help you gain the most benefits from a warm body oil massage.

Life and Pursuits have Turmeric Body Oil that is perfect for all skin tones. It helps with hyperpigmentation, brightens skin tones, and reduces dryness. Try a warm body massage and find the immediate relaxing difference in your skin, body, and mind.

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