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Pregnancy, the most magical time of a woman’s life. The beautiful metamorphosis a woman’s body undergoes during her pregnancy, brings with it its share of troubles as well, hair loss being one of them. Before you reach out to the new anti hair fall oil the markets offer, it is essential to understand the physiology of hair growth.

In a normal healthy adult, hair growth occurs in cycles. At any given point in time, while ninety percent of one’s hair is in a growing phase, the remaining are resting. The ‘rested hair’ fall at the culmination of the cycle, kindling new hair strands to fill in their role. When the rate at which old hair falls out exceeds the rate at which new hair grows, a woman experiences hair fall.

Let us look at the reasons why some women experience hair fall during pregnancy and the remedies that can help.

1. Poor Nutrition

One’s nutritional intake during pregnancy has to be adequate enough for the rising demands of nurturing another life within. It is common for women to be diagnosed with anaemia and other deficiency disorders during pregnancy. Before you hunt the market for the best hair care products to deal with your hair loss, it is advisable to replenish your body and overcome nutritional deficiencies. You should thus ensure that your food is rich in protein, iron, and other vitamins and minerals all throughout your pregnancy. Switching to a natural, organic hair care regimen along with making the necessary nutritional changes can do wonders in restoring your hair’s lost glory.

2. Hypothyroidism

No matter how many hair treatment products one tries, one might not see adequate results if the root cause of hair fall is not treated. Thyroid hormone, which is responsible for the regulation of metabolism along with its other functions, might have fallen low in its levels, triggering unwarranted hair fall during pregnancy. In fact, hypothyroidism, if left untreated, can create issues for your baby as well. It, therefore, becomes imperative to get your thyroid levels checked when you suspect of its dysfunction as the root cause behind hair fall.

3. Side-effects Of Medication

Is hair fall an after-effect of any of the medication you are taking? Generally, medicines used to treat depression and high blood pressure in pregnant women are known to cause hair fall. One must consult with the doctor to see if this is the case and if yes, adopt an alternative medication. Imagine the wonders it would do to your hair if you could adopt a toxin-free, organic hair treatment plan along with removing the medicinal deterrents that caused the hair fall in the first place!

4. Hormonal Imbalance

Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body is riddled with fluctuating levels of hormones. If a woman suffers from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), she might experience hair fall as one of its many symptoms. One should adopt healthy lifestyle changes along with proper medication under the due advice of an experienced medical practitioner. This, when combined with the usage of organic hair products, can reverse the effects of hair fall.

5. Using Chemicals Laden Hair Products

It is said that one’s hair and skin act as mirrors into the state of one’s health. Imagine how cloudy these mirrors get as they get stripped of their natural glow by usage of toxic chemicals laden skincare and hair care products. Most hair treatment products in the market that profess to offer short-term, quick results are filled with harmful chemicals. One ought to be especially careful about their usage during pregnancy, as the woman’s body is particularly susceptible to their harmful side-effects. Could your chosen hair treatment products be the actual culprits behind your lack-luster hair and their eventual falling out?

Our Organic Bhringraj Scalp Therapy Hair Oil brings the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda to bring new life to your tresses. Bhringraj oil is celebrated for its ability to prevent hair fall, dandruff and most hair related troubles. What makes Life & Pursuits Organic Bhringraj oil stand apart from the crowd is that we have ensured that each ingredient that goes into this therapeutic option is really organic. It includes extracts of several Ayurvedic herbs such as Bhringraj, Brahmi, Amla, Hibiscus, Neem and is devoid of parabens, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, silicones, sulphates, colors, BHT/BHA or any other toxic chemical.

Our advice when it comes to hair fall during pregnancy can be summed up thus: figure out the root cause behind it, take remedial measures after consulting with your doctor and use real organic hair products devoid of toxins, parabens and mineral oil.

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