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Harmony between Mind, Body and Soul for Holistic Wellbeing

Mankind is still far from understanding the relation among body, mind, and soul, and is essentially lost in ‘Maya’ – the unreal materialistic world. We humans merely exist when we live from one element (body or mind), when actually all the three elements (body, mind and soul) are intricately interconnected and their harmonious inter-play is a pre-requisite for holistic wellbeing. In today’s competitive world and stressful environment we simply concentrate on the surface of the sea, which is loaded with materialistic desires and dreams, rather we should spend our time and hard work to achieve the ocean full of happiness, contentment and bliss!

How to achieve Harmony between Mind, Body and Soul:

  1. Daily Practice of Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality
    Yoga is not actually something that we practise but over a period of time it becomes part of our life. Start with a daily routine of ten minutes, by having this sacred solitary time for yourself and practise meditation and yoga every single day. Yoga is a form of linking the beautiful chords of body, mind and soul within human as well as divine existence. Connecting the inside and the outside, and bringing out a balance of a practical human life – that’s the beauty of yoga and its play on mind-body-soul. It will not only profoundly affect your body but will also bring peace to your mind and content to your soul. Practising yoga poses, deep breathing techniques or the Pranayama, meditation and spirituality together brings you inner peace and happiness.
  2. Switch to a Natural Lifestyle
    Embark on the prophylactic approach to Natural wellness while connecting with the basic natural elements viz. sky, air, fire, water and earth. Observe them and also observe your oneness with them! Spend more time outdoors and with nature. This fresh perspective of life will help you gain harmony between body, mind and soul for holistic wellbeing.
  3. Cultivate self-awareness and be non-judgemental
    By witnessing every small event with awareness, you’ll observe amazingly delightful details like an innocent smile on child’s face, squirrels running in park, sparkling eyes of someone who loves you, hearing the natural charisma of the falling rain drops, trees dancing to a light breeze, all of which you would’ve easily missed otherwise. Do not judge anyone, yet simply try to be involved in the blissful natural environment and this is sure to make you feel content and peaceful.
  4. Switch to Ayurveda Lifestyle and Diet
    Ayurveda Lifestyle is one that promotes good health, assists in eliminating impurities from your body, and helps us to be happy and healthy despite the problems and stress of daily life. By following the principles of Ayurveda, each one of us can cleanse our bodies of all toxic wastes (Ama), and aim at achieving complete happiness and holistic wellbeing. Not only this, you should eat neat, Ayurvedic diet with all the senses intact and induced in that one act. This is because only when the mind understands the nutrition of the food and is grateful for the grain, does the body pick up and nourish from it and the soul ascends.

When there is Harmony!

We need harmony between mind, body and soul in our everyday practices of eating, connecting with natural elements, yogic practices and definitely imbibing meditation to find the inner peace, which makes it easier for the mind to decide, the body to execute and the soul to approve our actions.
When there is harmony between Mind, Body and Soul:

  • We have higher self-awareness
  • We progress on the path of self-realization – the purpose of our life
  • We come out of the fear of uncertainty
  • We feel deep connection with the divine as well as every small thing around us

As we become balanced and harmonious, the unavoidable pressures of life have less impact on us. We respond to situations more consciously, and our interactions with people & situations become more purposeful, calm and relaxed. We feel union and harmony everywhere, whether it’s an office meeting, a small talk with our kids, or a social affair. Our outer world reflects the same perspective that we feel in our harmonious inner world. Live up, connect the elements of your existence and find more meaning from life!

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