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Natural Body Oils and Their Fabulous Benefits: Nature’s Best-kept Secret

We have all been using moisturizers to keep our skin hydrated and soft, but did you know that natural body oils can penetrate moisture into the deeper layers of your skin? What’s more, they do it faster and without stickiness! 

For a long time, we were led to believe that oils are a big no-no if you want acne-free skin. However, that myth has been debunked of late, and natural body oils are back on the menu.

Natural body oils are an incredible skincare product due to their multi-faceted benefits.

Not only do they penetrate into the deepest layers of your skin, but they also hydrate, prevent aging, and protect your skin from sun damage. What’s more, unlike regular moisturizers that burn off due to exposure to the elements, body oils go deep and therefore last much longer in their effects. 

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Natural Body Oils: A Boon to Healthy Skin

Body Oil

Here’s a list of the many benefits that natural body oils offer:

1. Hydration

Due to constant washing with soap, our skin loses its natural body oil. As a result, our skin often becomes dry and flaky, and no amount of moisturizer can restore its suppleness. Particularly nowadays, since people are washing hands more often and more rigorously, body oils can significantly help retain and improve the quality of your skin. 

Due to its fatty composition, body oils can get absorbed much deeper into the layers of our skin. When they seep in, they activate from within, protect the skin from the harsh effects of sun damage, and also last much longer. In addition, they delay the onset of skin aging with their hydrating properties. 

2. All-Natural, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free 

Most natural body oils are plant-based products extracted from oilseeds and other parts of the plants. Picked straight from the lap of nature, these oils are the best way to keep your skin healthy and nourished. Due to the absence of any preservatives or stabilizers, these oils are a long-term solution to skincare. 

Body oils have been used in skincare and beauty regimens for years, long before modern science took over, and these regimens have therefore stood the test of time. What’s more, they are entirely vegan and cruelty-free, so you can safely allay those concerns in case you feel guilt or apprehension about using natural body oils. 

3. Lighter and Non-Greasy

We are all used to applying moisturizer and waiting until it soaks into our skin. On the off-chance that it does not get absorbed, we are left with greasy skin and an uncomfortable sticky feeling. Body oils have no such problem as they are usually light and non-greasy. 

They go deep into the skin and don’t waste time getting to work. Therefore, they are also a better option for those living in hotter and more humid climates. 

We often disregard applying any form of moisturizing products since we are afraid that heat will cause us to sweat and make the moisturizer even cakier. With natural body oils, you do not need to sacrifice moisturizing your skin when stepping out in the sun. 

4. Quick Absorption 

Natural body oils quickly penetrate deep into the skin and, over time, will begin to give you that radiant, sun-kissed glow, thus saving you a lot of time in the morning. 

It also gives you a fine scent from within, that can instantly uplift your own mood and that of others around you. It’s always a nice feeling to smell good, isn’t it? 

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5. Stress Relief 

You can also use natural body oils for massage as they help in stress relief. Some oils can help you focus better and are a great option for children and students who need a little help with their studies. For working people with busy schedules and hectic hours, it acts as a blessing. 

Warm the oil a little bit and slowly massage it onto the back of your neck, forehead, back, and other tension points. And along with the fragrance, it will ease your mind and help you relax. 

6. Multitasking 

It’s always amazing when one product can do multiple things, right? Natural body oils are the Queen of multitasking. Any good body oil will work on the body, of course, but it will also double up as good hair oil. Body oils can even act as a slip for your Gua Sha or jade roller application. 

7. Repairs Skin 

Last but not least, natural body oils help repair skin. With the natural wear and tear due to the environment and other harsh products like soap and sanitizer, the natural fats that hold our skin cells together begin to erode, and this leads to dryness and discomfort on the skin. 

Moreover, UV rays can severely harm our skin too. Natural body oils are an excellent way to replenish those much-needed fats in your skin’s tissue and repair your skin from within. 

We already know that these oils seep into the deeper layers of the skin. Therefore, their action begins deep and not on the surface, providing long-lasting nourishment. With sustained and consistent usage, these oils will repair and protect the skin from further damage. 

The Takeaway

Natural body oils are a blessing for dry skin as they penetrate deep into the skin tissue and act from the inside out. They have amazing health benefits, like preventing sun damage and delaying the signs of aging. Moreover, they also help alleviate stress and double up as a slip for your Gua Sha treatments. 

At Life & Pursuits, we guarantee that all our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We seek to provide skincare benefits to our patrons in a manner that is conducive to 21st-century lifestyle but deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Check out our website to explore which body oil is right for your skin type. 

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