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How to use After-Shower Body Oil: A Complete Guide

Bathing is a relaxing ritual that de-stresses and cleanses our skin. But, unfortunately, when done incorrectly, bathing can rip off our skin from its natural moisturizers.

For instance, bathing with hot water, using harsh chemical-laden soaps, and scrubbing too hard can make the skin dry and rough. Even otherwise, bathing without a post-bath skin care routine can cause dry skin over time.

Here, an after-shower body oil comes to the rescue in nourishing skin. Continue reading to learn more about using after-shower body oil for its immense benefits.

What is an After-Shower Body Oil?

after body shower oil

An after-shower body oil is a plant-based formulation that may be water-soluble and is intended to moisturize your skin after shower application naturally.

It replenishes the antioxidants and moisture lost due to the chemicals in water and soap, preventing skin from drying and causing gradual damage.

Moreover, thanks to its active ingredients that effectively hydrate dry skin, post-shower body oil is an elixir to moisturize your skin compared to chemical-laden creamy moisturizers.

Your skin will thank you for the gentleness and the natural moisturization that after-shower body oil provides throughout the day.

Steps to Using a Post-Shower Body Oil

The essence of a post-shower oil is to provide deprived moisturization to the still-wet skin post-bath. Here we explain the approach where you use after-shower body oil. To use it in the right way, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Have a bath with lukewarm water and mild soap.

Step 2: Pat dry your skin; do not rub it too harshly or too dry. Let the skin be slightly wet.

Step 3: Pour a few drops of after-shower body oil into your palms. Rub them against each other once.

Step 4: Now apply the oil to the still-wet skin and gently massage it into the skin.

Step 5: As per the requirement, pour in a little more oil and repeat it for full-body application.

Step 6: Wait a couple of minutes and pat dry with the wet and slightly hot towel to remove excess oil and push the oil into the skin pores.

There you go! Your skin has absorbed the richness of post-shower body oil as it should.


  • Ensure your skin is warm and slightly wet before applying body oil. This increases your skin’s effectiveness of oil absorption and ensures it gets nourished from within.
  • If your skin feels oily due to the application, gently press a hot damp towel onto it. The warmth of the towel pushes the body oil into the skin while the towel absorbs excess oil if any.
  • You can also put two capfuls of after-shower body oil in the warm bath water and use the same. Please avoid putting that water on your hair.

Using After-Shower Body Oil as a Spot Treatment

Some parts of the body, such as the knees, elbows, buttocks, and knuckles, may show excessive dryness.

Use this approach when you are short of time or want to focus on areas that need more care:

  • Choose an area on the body that needs attention—rough knees, dark elbows, buttocks, or a dry neck.
  • Cleanse the part with a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water. Pat dry.
  • Take a couple of drops of post-shower body oil and gently massage over the affected area.
  • To remove excessive oil post-massage, pat dry the part with a warm wet towel.

Irrespective of how you use after-shower body oil from the approaches mentioned above, it protects your skin by forming a layer that prevents moisture loss and moisturizes it from within. Remember, the secret lies in choosing the right body oil that suits your skin type.

FAQs about After-Shower Body Oil

Now that you know the appropriate method to use body oil, let’s discuss some common myths about body oils and their usage:

I have oily skin. Should I still use a post-shower body oil?

Of course, yes. Bathing deprives the skin of its natural oils, even on so-called oily skin. In fact, using body oil after a bath regulates your skin’s natural oil production and makes it appear glowing without greasiness.

Can I use post-shower body oil on my face?

Well, no. Post-shower body oils can be denser than face oils. The facial skin is more delicate than the rest of the skin on the body. Hence, choose a suitable facial oil for face care instead of post-shower oil. Regular massage with suitable face oils can work wonders for your facial skin.

Can I use after-shower body oils daily?

Of course, you can. After-shower body oils are the safest way to nourish and protect your body in nature’s way. Using them in your daily skincare routine ensures your skin’s glow and health organically.

Do after-shower body oils impart any other benefits?

After-shower body oils offer holistic benefits to our health and wellness. According to Ayurveda, regular massage with body oils improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins, de-stresses from within, aids weight loss, and promotes a healthy sleep pattern.

Can I use any oil as a post-shower body oil?

Unfortunately, no. Routine body oils might contain photosensitizing properties. As a result, they can lead to irritation when your skin is exposed to the sun. Besides, they might be heavy, leaving your skin sticky post-application. Post-shower body oils are lightweight, fragrant, and formulated to leave a non-sticky finish.

Can I mix essential oils with after-shower body oils?

Absolutely. While after-shower body oil locks the moisture of the damp skin, an essential oil rejuvenates the skin with its healing properties. Mix a few drops of light-weight essential oils with a post-shower body oil to enjoy a refreshed feeling throughout the day.

Give your Skin the Richness of Body Oils

Life & Pursuits body oils are the safest alternatives to chemical-laden moisturizers. Our wide range of body oils caters to the skincare needs of individuals with skin types and are gentle, safe, and organic.

Whether you use them for massage, during or after the shower, or as a spot treatment, they lock in your skin’s youthfulness, making it instantly soft and supple. The secret lies in choosing the right body oil that suits your skin type. Then, explore the wide range of oils and kickstart your beauty regimen the organic way.

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