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Wonders of Mahabhringraj for Hair Growth

When it comes to hair care, the Mahabhringraj or the Eclipta Alba is considered the king of hair, and rightfully so, because the Mahabhringraj is a powerhouse of nutrients like Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin D, antioxidants, and other proteins that balance the three Doshas in the body and promote hair growth.

Dullness, or flaky scalp - whatever your hair troubles are, the Mahabhringraj works wonderfully on your scalp by providing nourishment to hair from within. Available for application as hair oils and as shampoos and conditioners, bhringraj is the miracle herb for voluminous and healthy hair.

Let’s dive deeper into the wondrous benefits of Mahabhringraj and its importance in hair growth and overall scalp health.


6 Benefits of Mahabhringraj Oil you’ll Wish you’d Known Sooner! 

Bhringraj Hair Oil

Haircare products, in general, are based on ayurvedic, and chemical sciences that analyze the nutrient and vitamin needs of the human body, and that’s why most of them contain a formulation of Mahabhringraj since it offers maximum goodness to hair . Let’s see why.


1. Promotes Hair Growth

Gently massaging bhringraj oil on your scalp would boost blood circulation in hair roots and strengthen your strands from root to tip. And as the blood vessels in your scalp open up, it results in healthy hair growth.

2. Reduces Hairfall

No, it’s not a myth. Bhringraj is a potent culmination of vitamins, nutrients, and proteins that, when applied regularly and consciously, has the power to heal hair fall and cure baldness. Also, a warm oil massage would be a great way to relax and destress. 

3. Heals Dry Scalp and Dandruff

Mahabhringraj Oil is packed with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that prevent dandruff and protect hair and scalp from harmful infections. Regularly massaging your scalp with Mahabhringraj oil provides your hair with the moisture it needs and prevents dryness and splitting.

4. Delays Graying 

Haritaki and Jatamansi,  which are present in abundance in Bhringraj, actively maintain your hair’s natural color. And adding amla to the mix would give better results in terms of improving hair texture and vitality. 

5. Shields from Skin Infections 

Rich in antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, Bhringraj protects your scalp from conditions like psoriasis, flaky scalp, yeast infections, etc., by increasing scalp strength and reducing inflammations and itching.  

6. Relieves Headaches 

The cooling and soothing properties of Bhringraj relax your muscles and provide relief from headaches and migraines. Treating yourself to a relaxing warm oil massage every week or as frequently as you please, would heal you from within, working on your nerves and regulating blood circulation. With stress being one of the main reasons for hair fall, a regular massage with Mahabhringraj Oil would lighten the mood and reduce stress.


Using Mahabhringraj in your Everyday Haircare    

Though everyday haircare is not as elaborate as skincare, that doesn’t mean it is any less crucial. Your mane needs conscious and proper care to combat the harmful effects of pollution, stress, lifestyle changes, and other issues which make haircare unavoidable.

Incorporating Mahabhringraj oil in your routine would ensure that your hair gets the nutrition it needs and maintains moisture levels while promoting hair growth and improving texture.  

Organic Bhringraj Scalp Oil by Life & Pursuits

The Organic Bhringraj Scalp Oil is a powerful blend of bhringraj and hibiscus with other potent herbs and extracts, which provides numerous benefits to hair and scalp. Made with natural ingredients and prepared with stringent quality controls, the bhringraj hair oil is packed with all the nutrition your hair needs and more!

Hibiscus, Amla, Castor, and Sesame, fall in line next to bhringraj when it comes to hair care, and the Organic Bhringraj Scalp Oil contains the combined goodness of all these ingredients together with the extracts of Fenugreek, Neem, Ginger, and Curry leaves, making it a one-stop solution for all your hair care woes.

So, how can you bring Mahabhringraj into your haircare routine that also feels like a spa retreat? 


  • Mix Organic Bhringraj Scalp Oil with a few tbsp of yogurt for a pre-wash hair mask.
  • Slather it on your hair for soothing, cooling hair therapy.
  • You can use bhringraj oil with other powerful ingredients like hibiscus, fenugreek, amla, coconut milk, egg yolk, olive oil, etc., and combine them into a pre-wash paste.
  • Leaving them on for 30-40 mins would let the ingredients work their magic on your scalp and leave the hair glowing, smooth and healthy post-wash.
  • You can also use the Mahabhringraj oil as an overnight moisturizer and wash it off the next day, twice a week.

You may also use Mahabhringraj oil with other oils from Life and Pursuits like Organic Sesame Oil and Organic Amla Hair Oil for authentic and natural hair therapy and scalp care.

Life and Pursuits was formed with an intention and drive to make available the bounties of nature in their purest form without the harmful effects of chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals that damage skin and scalp. All our products are made with ingredients certified by USDA and India Organic certifications - the highest and most stringent certifications for hair and skin globally.

To know more about our organic skincare, haircare, and babycare range, check out our website and experience chemical-free self-care. 

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