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Worried About Hairfall? Use Herbal Hair Oils to Solve Your Hair Problems

All of us have looked down in the shower and seen clumps of our precious hair going down the drain, literally. Sometimes, this is no cause for concern. Each hair strand goes through a process of growth and then shedding, so your hair fall may be a part of your tresses’ natural cycle of renewal.

Although, if you see an abnormal increase in hair fall, it could signify that your hair lacks the proper nutrients. Our highly-processed diets, atmospheric pollution, increased stress levels caused by our lifestyle, and many such factors contribute to excessive & untimely hair fall, making it a pervasive issue.

Often the best solution for this is to go back to nature & provide the proper nutrition to your hair. We recommend using Ayurveda’s miraculous herbal hair oils for healthy hair.

How to Use Herbal Hair Oils

Amla Brahmi Oil

Ayurvedic herbal hair oils should ideally be left on for a few hours, overnight, or even all day, to work their magic. We understand that your lifestyle may not allow you to follow the ancient practices of South Asia, but it does not mean that you cannot experience the incredible benefits of these potent oils. So, here’s how you can incorporate a herbal hair oil massage into your hair care regimen.

Warm up the oil in a container using an indirect heating method; please ensure you don’t overheat the oil! The best way to determine the correct temperature is that the oil should not be too hot to touch. Excessive heating will result in the Ayurvedic oil losing its nutrients.

Applying the herbal hair oil of choice thoroughly to your scalp and hair length for an hour or two before the shower is quite effective. Begin by massaging the oil in the crown of your head, and then work through the entire scalp in a circular motion. Make sure you only use your fingertips for the massage.

Doing this even once a week, perhaps on the weekends when you have some time off, is sufficient to rejuvenate your hair back to life. The key is doing it regularly, even if you do this once a week.

Alternatively, you can apply a few drops of lightweight herbal oil (like Amla hair oil) to your roots and massage it gently for a minute or two. You can rub the leftover oil in your palms onto the ends of your hair to tame frizz. This will be an invisible yet effective way to fight hair fall and help smooth down flyaways and reduce frizz at the root.

Applying the oil before bed, leaving it overnight, and washing it off in your morning shower is also a great option. You can also wear a shower cap/satin bonnet to trap the heat. We recommend getting extra pillowcases for those days to protect your linen.

To reduce breakage while you toss and turn at night, put your hair in a protective hairstyle before tucking it into your cap. The loose braid is a classic, but you can also opt for a twisted top bun. As a bonus, many protective hairstyles will give you a set of breezy beach waves when you wake up. No heat styling or damage is required!

The Best Herbal Oils for You

Different herbal hair oils can target specific issues when applied to your scalp and hair. Some, like Bhringraj, filled with potent natural essences, are the holy grail for curbing hair fall. In Ayurveda, coconuts and almonds are also known to provide nourishment, stimulate growth and add life & luster to the hair.

Read on to find out more about the most effective Herbal hair oils for treating hair fall:

Bhringraj Oil

Bhringraj oil has always been a go-to within the Indian subcontinent, but the rest of the world is awakening to the enormous benefits of this hair oil too. It treats every hair problem you could have, to frizziness. Regular hair oil massage also reduce stress, which has been proven to harm hair follicles significantly and therefore increase hair fall.

Castor Oil

Castor oil combats hair fall primarily by increasing blood flow to the scalp and stimulating hair follicles for faster growth. Additionally, castor oil contains many powerful antioxidants, which prevent free radicals in our surroundings from damaging the body's healthy cells, including those that make up our hair. The omega-6 fatty acids abundant in the oil work in tandem with both of these functions to promote hair growth and nourish the hair strands, preventing them from breaking or falling out.

Bonus: Castor oil is gentle and thick enough to be used as an eyelash or eyebrow growth serum as well!

Amla Brahmi Oil

A potent combination of the extracts of Amla, the Indian gooseberry, and Brahmi, a medicinal herb that improves everything from cognition to gastrointestinal function, this oil is a double-dose of hair growth stimulants. Brahmi contains Vitamin C, saponins, flavonoids, and other such ingredients that strengthen hair at the root. If the cortisol levels in your body are too high, it stabilizes them, eliminating a major cause of hair fall. Finally, Brahmi contains alkaloids which increase the amount of protein in your hair shaft, preventing breakage.

Amla, too, contains Vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants and has been proven in multiple clinical studies to stimulate hair growth.

We recommend you choose cold-pressed herbal hair oils from certified brands for your hair care. (If you go for regular oils, you may lose out on the goodness of these natural products to rough extraction processes!) We at Life & Pursuits take pride in curating premium personal care products for you by combining the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the most advanced science.

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