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Miracles of Organic Turmeric Body Oil in Improving Skin Health

Turmeric is, by all measures, a superhero ingredient. Whether it’s imparting an attractive color and pleasant aroma to your favorite dishes or boosting immunity when consumed as a drink, the list of its uses is long. And, of course, its importance in your beauty regimen with turmeric body oil cannot be overstated. 

Why turmeric body oil and not paste or powder?

Using it correctly for all the good it does can be rather inconvenient. Raw turmeric has to be peeled, chopped, and made into a paste to be used, inevitably staining your hands a bright orange in the process. 

And you can’t just make a large batch and use it over several months or weeks because it loses its efficacy the longer it sits in the fridge. Turmeric powder is widely available, but like all dried versions of products, it isn’t nearly as potent as fresh turmeric root. 

Applying turmeric paste, whether fresh or dried turmeric, is also a rather messy exercise. You’re sure to stain at least a few surfaces if you drip it anywhere, and good luck getting that out!

The alternative? Organic turmeric body oil. Continue reading to learn more about the miracles of turmeric body oil in improving skin health. 

5 Best Uses For Organic Turmeric Body Oil

Body Oil

Extracted from farm-fresh turmeric root by the completely natural, Ayurvedic method of cold-pressing, Life & Pursuit’s Organic Turmeric Body Oil doesn’t let any of its magic go to waste. 

Here’s everything turmeric body oil can do for your skin:

1. Clearing acne And Blemishes

Most people of South Asian descent would recall how their elders would ask them to apply turmeric paste on blemishes, bacne (acne of the back), and acne during puberty. But, it turns out they were not entirely anecdotal.

Severe cases of acne on the face and elsewhere are usually treated using antibiotics like erythromycin and clindamycin. Still, these drugs have many side effects, and the body can become resistant to them over time. Instead, researchers think curcumin could be an excellent substitute for these medicines because of its antibacterial properties.

So, turmeric body oil could be the perfect treatment to keep it under control, whether it’s just the occasional pimple or a chronic acne condition. 

Moreover, people worldwide face skin issues ranging from insect bites to rashes, and adding Turmeric Body Oil to their skincare regime can work wonders in keeping the skin healthy. 

2. Treats Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation, whether it is PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) left behind after injury or just the uneven coloring many people of color are prone to—can be a stubborn skin problem to treat. And yes, this includes those annoying mosquito bite scars on your arms and legs from childhood.

It is especially the case without resorting to harsh bleaching agents that can damage the skin and cause severe long-term damage to the whole body.

An extract from turmeric called tetrahydro curcumin is already used in various dark spot-fading products. So turmeric body oil, with its variety of active brightening ingredients, may work wonders and leave your skin blemish-free and even-toned. 

This is because curcumin is a tyrosinase inhibitor, meaning that it reduces unwanted melanin production and gradually lightens the darkened skin.

3. Makes The Skin Glow From Within

Speaking of turmeric’s skin-brightening properties, its oil can also impart a general radiance to your skin. Apart from inhibiting unwanted melanin production, which restores the complexion to its natural tone, its antioxidants can also make your skin healthier and, thus, brighter from within.

This is because antioxidants prevent and even reverse skin damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules produced by our body and are also present in sunlight, environmental pollution, and boosted by stress. 

Also, antioxidants help protect against the sun's harmful rays, which means a tan won’t dull your glow. (Nonetheless, we recommend wearing good sunscreen whenever you step outside in the sun).

4. Combating The Signs Of Skin Aging

The two-star ingredients in turmeric—curcumin and antioxidants—also fight various signs of aging. For example, Curcumin slows down aging by activating proteins that delay cellular senescence, i.e., the process where cells stop dividing. 

Antioxidants are found in almost every anti-aging product on the market, and the naturally-occurring ones in turmeric may be just as effective. 

In rare cases, antioxidants in turmeric are particularly effective in preventing and reversing UV damage, manifesting as wrinkles, excess pigmentation, and texture.

5. A Bounty Of Other Ingredients

Turmeric is a powerhouse, but its effects are complemented and tempered by the other ingredients in this body oil from Life&Pursuits. 

All essential oils must be mixed into a carrier oil to prevent them from harming the skin with their intensity. But our Organic Turmeric Body Oil is dissolved in a particular carrier—squalane. 

Squalane is noteworthy because it mimics one of our skin’s natural oils or sebum. So there’s no chance of it clogging your pores and causing irritation, as is the case with heavier oils when applied to the face. 

Moreover, squalane is a fantastic moisturizer because of its exact resemblance to skin oils and contains antioxidants to compound the effects of those in turmeric. Apply it to your whole body after a shower to ensure the moisture stays locked in without any tackiness.

Speaking of antioxidants, our turmeric body oil also contains a healthy dose of Vitamin E, which acts as a powerful antioxidant to supplement the other ingredients in the oil. 

Vitamin E in our Organic Turmeric Body Oil also improves squalene’s moisturizing properties as, when combined with a moisturizer, it stops moisture loss from the skin, softens it, and protects it from sun damage extent.

Organic Turmeric Body Oil in Your Skincare Routine

Organic turmeric body oil is much like any oil, just that it is most effective when used as the last step of your skincare routine to seal all your other products in and slowly penetrate the skin. 

Unlike heavier face oils, however, you need not worry about applying Life & Pursuit’s Organic Turmeric Body Oil in hot weather because it is carried in the light squalene and will not turn excessively greasy on your skin. 

You may apply the Life & Pursuits Turmeric Body Oil all over the body, particularly where you have dull, irritated, or wrinkled skin. Skin becomes soft, silky smooth, and has a healthy shine. It soothes dry skin spots in your body and enhances skin texture generally. 

As with any skincare product that claims to be made of all-natural ingredients, it’s impossible to ensure you’re getting just that and not a cocktail of chemicals with just the tiniest pinch of the ingredients advertised on the label. 

Our products replenish skin's natural moisture and restore brightness. Check out our turmeric body oil here

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